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More stuff I’m too lazy to drag over from The Roast

Texas Judge Outlaws Male Teachers, Little League Coaches, Troop Leaders …

Ron Paul Reminds the Public: Gibbertarians are Worthless Fuckstains.

In other news, right this very second I am listening to this. Loud. Louder!



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Too Lazy

To drag.

This post.

Over here.

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how lazy am i?

too lazy to drag this post over here.

also, screw the shift key.

i’m telling you, this flu is maggot bedecked dead dog balls baking in the sun. if anyone with this flu even looks at you, punch them, in the face, a lot.

and then wash your hands.


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Obama took my penis!

Pass it on.

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New gig

Hanging around talking smack does have its rewards. Kevin K. and his crew of merry snarksters have kindly asked me to lend my meager talents to Rumproast.

I may or may not have squealed like the attendees of a Beatles’ concert, but suffice it to say I’m very excited.

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