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Cop a Fail

For those of you who were catching 400,000 winks, much of the world is less than pleased with China. It seems that monk stomping  is not something we do in polite company, especially when one is about to host the Olympic games. People tend to ask awkward questions like “Hey there China. Why are you hosting the Olympic games, an international symbol of goodwill, if you can’t stop oppressing the shit out of your own people?”

You might even see the leaders of countries that have been pounding their chests and stuffing their codpieces to promote democracy get a little shirty about attending your little shindig.

Ha, ha. Don’t be stupid. Not only did Bush borrow the money for his Pony Quest from China, they have nukes. Still it is a little hard to reconcile his policy of promoting peace through war with acceptance of China’s behavior. So, it must have come as a relief when National Security Advisor Stephen Handjob came up with this bit of spin (via ESPN News):

“This issue [of the boycott] is in some sense a bit of a red herring,” Hadley said in a broadcast interview. “I think unfortunately a lot of countries say, ‘Well, if we say that we are not going to the opening ceremonies we check the box on Tibet.’ That’s a cop-out.

Got that? It couldn’t possibly be that the other countries will do more than skip the opening ceremonies. Nope, they’re only going to make a token gesture and then pretend nothing happened because their chicken fraidy cat cut n’ runners.

“If other countries are concerned about that, they ought to do what we are doing through quiet diplomacy, send a message clearly to the Chinese that this is an opportunity with the whole world watching, to show that they take into account and are determined to treat their citizens with dignity and respect. They would put pressure on the Chinese authorities quietly to meet with representatives of the Dalai Lama and use this as an opportunity help resolve that situation,” Hadley said.

Yeah, because China has no fucking idea what’s going on in the world or what the world thinks of its behavior. Yeah. ‘Cos there’s this big wall around the country and they can’t see over it. China probably thinks everyone spends time stomping monks and would be shocked, I say SHOCKED to find out that we don’t.

Meanwhile, that quiet diplomacy must be pretty damn quiet because I haven’t heard a peep.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend the opening ceremonies.

No wonder we have no friends.


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