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Food Fight!

This vegetable special from an Ethiopian restaurant is 100% meat free. The furry bastard you see there is going to town on … cabbage.

Sorry the photo is so blurry. His teeth aren’t made for vegetables.

Because he’s a FRICKIN’ CARNIVORE.

So eating my damned dinner involved a lot of head shaking.

And purring.

‘Cos there’s nothing a cat likes more than putting a hairless monkey in his place.



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Believe it or not…

None of these stories has anything to do with a Republican’s sex life.

Nope, not even that one. Methinks things is a mite slow over at Yahoo! this Sunday.

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Random evil cat post

Complete with wonderful photos. Enjoy.

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In honor of Tweet Hoekstra

The man. The meme.

A kitteh lickded mah face. Naow I just like Roman Christians!

A kitteh lickded mah face. Naow I just like Roman Christians!

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Never mind All Internet Traditions

We have the evidence right here of ur hacking.

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The Post-Election GOP


Am I gonna hafta choke a bitch?

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i found ur internet traditions. and i ated them.

Nom, nom, nom! Memes haza flavr.

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