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Murray Hill for Congress

Meet the Republican who wants to take Chris Van Hollen’s (D-MD8) seat [via the Washington Post]:

Murray Hill might be the perfect candidate for this political moment: young, bold, media-savvy, a Washington outsider eager to reshape the way things are done in the nation’s capital. And if these are cynical times, well, then, it’s safe to say Murray Hill is by far the most cynical.

Chris could be in real trouble, especially if Hill is tanned, coiffed and seriously cut.

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Press or Protection Racket?

As much as I enjoy watching large corporations swirl down the crapper because they responded to a little adversity with a lot of fuckery, I almost hope this story isn’t true [via the AssPress]:

Less than a year after Tribune Co. launched an innovative plan to combine the newsrooms of The Hartford Courant and a local TV station, a columnist is alleging that the new management forced him out because he wrote unflattering news about a Courant advertiser.

Dude, really? Really?

If it weren’t for passages such as this:

The company announced bold plans to combine the newspaper and TV news operations by building a new studio in the Courant’s newsroom. Tribune called it “the future of media.”

I’d say there was no way anyone at the Courant would be dimwitted enough to think they could fire a 40-year veteran for such a bullshit reason and expect him to go without a murmur.

Gombossy said Levine first expressed displeasure in his Watchdog columns in May, when Gombossy wrote critically of a plumbing contractor. It’s not clear whether the company had already advertised in the newspaper, but Gombossy said Levine told him the plumbing company’s displeasure would be costly for the Courant.

“He said, ‘Do you want it on your head if we lose $200,000 in advertising and I have to lay off reporters at the Courant?’ When someone makes a comment like that, it’s pretty clear where we’re going,” Gombossy said.

Hey, HC management here’s a money making idea. Take your bold new approach to the next level. Oh, there are so many things you could do with this! The HC could offer its silence on inconvenient matters in exchange for advertising revenue. I can see the schedule of rates now:

Insect in food: $50,000

Rodents in food: $100,000

Body part in food (smaller than 3″): $200,000

Body part in food (4″ – 1′): $300,000

Head, limb or torso in food: $500,000

And that’s just for restaurants. Why stop there?

Employees assaulting clients: $500,000

Employees murdering clients: $750,000

Employees unleashing Armageddon: $1,000,000

But if that is too blatant, the HC could create a new “Advertising Sales Force” that approaches potential clients and discusses what a shame it would be if something were to happen to their nice little business because they didn’t advertise in the HC.


Gah. Fuck.

I can’t even enjoy snarking about this shit. Anyway, Gombossy’s  website is here. What little I’ve read confirms that Tribune Co. is in financial trouble because it stinks on ice.

[This post has not been proof-read. Proofing will occur after I’ve had some sleep. Snicker at the typos while ye may. -ed.]

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Mendacious Evil Dunce Incites Congress, Asshole’s Reign Ending

July 9: Congress passes bill to protect healthcare for the elderly.

July 15: Chimperor vetoes bill to protect income of some CEOs.

July 15: Congress takes Chimperor’s banana, gives him the finger (via The Washington Post):

President Bush sought to block a bill yesterday aimed at forestalling an [10.6%] percent cut in payments to doctors taking care of Medicare patients, but Congress quickly overrode his veto.

This almost makes up for his bullshitting about the economy.


“I support the primary objective of this legislation, to forestall reductions in physician payments,” Bush said in his veto message. “Yet taking choices away from seniors to pay physicians is wrong.” He called the bill “fiscally irresponsible” and charged that it “would undermine the Medicare prescription drug program.”

There is something deeply wrong with a world where the very air doesn’t congeal when this argument for forced abortion talks about anything being fiscally irresponsible. And yeah, seniors are all up in arms over this one:

The House and Senate votes followed a large political push by the American Medical Association — which ran ads in home states and districts of key Republicans — and AARP, which held a lobbying campaign in which 1.2 million of its activists contacted members of Congress urging the veto override.

Dishonest SOB.

A slow motion replay of the spanking.

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