About the banner

I came up with the title for the blog and then I went hunting for something that would serve as a banner. The Baby Jesus smiled on me and guided me to About.com where I found this awesome cartoon by R.J. Matson. Maybe choirs of angels sang. Maybe they just cleared their throats in a meaningful and harmonious manner. Maybe they made lip farts. I ain’t sayin’, but I was pretty damned pleased.

Unfortunately the page layout did not allow me display the entire piece. Fortunately, it allows me to display enough, but here’s the whole thing.

Proof that some editorial cartoonists are more equal than others, no?

You can learn more about the equal opportunity skewerer here, or hit the Diversions blogroll.

One response to “About the banner

  1. Anonymous

    Really????? You have, like, three regulars, and you can’t do any better than hijack my handle on a bigger blog?????

    I like sex with goats.

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