Blood Curdling Image from The Irenapocalypso!

Glad that’s over. I took a stroll around 8 this morning and didn’t see any damage of note. My main objective was to see how one of the creeks was doing after 13 hours of rain. Answer: Bloated.

Paint Branch @ 8.30 28 8 11

This body of water is usually 60% pebbly sand bars and in many places you can cross without getting your tootsies wet. Today, not so much. I estimate it is about 5′ above its usual level.

So, foolish me, I thought all was calm. However, when the power was restored I found a so-called friend (Hah!) had captured this horrific image and unleashed on the simps foolish enough to give her their email addresses. Look on if you dare…

We all float down here


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