You might be David Frum if …

This photo sends you reeling to the swooning couch [via FrumpForum]:

How DARE they make themselves at home?

Clutching his smelling salts in one tremulous hand, Frum managed to type out the following cri de coeur:

I’m sure the Obamas are not the first First Family to go barefoot in the White House. [Michelle may be wearing flip flops, but Dave sees toes and over he goes. – ed] Or to scatter plastic cups on the furniture and rugs. [For $100,000,000,000 and the Koch Brothers’ heads on a platter: Find the plastic cup[s] scattered on the rug. -ed] Or to eat junk food from the plastic platters. [He knows it’s junk food because … Well, that’s what First Families who treat the White House like it’s their house or something eat! -ed] On the White House ottomans. [Oh dear Lord, no! Not on the sacred White House OTTOMANS. Can Armageddon be far off? -ed] But they’re the first to put the evidence on the record. Why?

Well Dave, you wilting lily, the answer is in the url of your post: “obamas-are-first-to-document-normal-lives”. Oh, and the fact that schmucks like you keep calling them uppity arrogant elitists may have had something to do with it.


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2 responses to “You might be David Frum if …

  1. B^4

    The real disturbing thing is, they’re watching Seal Team Six.

    • jscottg

      Nuh-uh. They’re watching Hitlers Greatest Speeches. That’s why Michelle looks kind of bored. She wants to watch her Get Whitey tape.