Still too lazy to poli-blog

A random thing: Finally forked over $36 for Pandora One. Pandora without the commercials and some other perks. Luv. It.

Another random thing: Finally found a place that teaches martial arts that is convenient in terms of location and class schedule. But they won’t tell me how much the classes cost. So I will continue to administer hastily improvised, untrained beat downs.



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2 responses to “Still too lazy to poli-blog

  1. B^4

    What sort of martial arts are you looking for? Would a local community college be a better place to look for inexpensive combatives?

    For the record, this guy used to beat the crap out of me a couple of times a week. He was one of the funniest human beings I have ever met.

    • jscottg

      Krav Maga but given the dearth of schools, attempts to make it seem lessons are all that stand between me and death by junkie and refusal to discuss pricing, fug that. A CC woulda neva crossed my tiny mind. I’ll check it out. Merci.

      I was sorry to hear about your old teacher.