Ya’ll are weird – Exhibit A

Made the mistake of looking at the top search hits again. OK, the hot guy in the shower, I get it. But what possible use could anyone have for Biggie Smalls’ birth certificate?


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  1. B^4

    They think Biggie’s still alive, and will come out of hiding to run in 2016, so they need to prove he wasn’t born in Kenya. Of course, Tupac will also come out of hiding and run against him. By the time of the presidential election, the voters will have become so disgusted with the Republicans and Democrats that the two party system will be East Coast Party and West Coast Party (the Dirrrty South party will be a minor third party, but they won’t run a candidate because everyone will be CRazy drUNK and nobody will meet the filing deadline).

    Whoa, this comment is thrice as long as your post…