Army backs soldiers who resisted aural assault

Apparently a staff sergeant didn’t get the memo about Christian “Rock.” The only time it should be used by the military is to flush the enemy out of hiding [via AssPress]:

A staff sergeant erred when he banished dozens of soldiers to their barracks and ordered them to clean up after they refused to attend a Christian concert on a Virginia Army base last year, an investigation concluded.

Two soldiers who were punished told the AP they felt pressured to attend a performance by the Christian rock group BarlowGirl, as part of what was billed as the “Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concerts.”

The soldiers said the staff sergeant told 200 men in their barracks they could either attend or remain confined there. They were told to not use their cell phones or personal computers and to clean up their living area.

The company commander apologized the next day. However, the investigation found the sergeant acted without any “malicious intent.”

Oh no, he just wanted them to drive them insane with crap music and violate their religious freedoms.



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  1. B^4

    Thank Cthulhu for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation people.