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March 8, 2008

Yet another bloviating poseur wrote the first entry on his brand new blog. The purpose of said blog was to count down the last 300 days of America under Il Bushling, which lasted approximately 3,000,000 days if memory serves.

Time crawls when you’re wondering if your Clueless Leader will cause every other country in the world to invade/bomb/nuke you to the bedrock just so they don’t have to hear him speak again.

Why did I start a blog ? (Why?!)

Blame Steve Benen.

Many moons ago Benen ran a blog called The Carpetbagger Report. I stumbled on it through the Washington Post Online. It introduced me to the idea that there was more to them there newfangled weblog things than the maunderings of bored teens.

From CBR, I found Balloon Juice, a few months before John Cole switched from righty to left and from there I went on to be obnoxious in the comments sections of several other blogs until Kevin K. foolishly kindly asked me to co-blog at Rumproast.

But on the anniversary of my very small contribution to the world of blogosnark, the important thing to remember is if you read anything that you don’t like here or on Rumproast or in the comments section of another blog (under one of my many handles that I really need to combine into one ├╝ber-handle one of these days): It’s Benen’s fault.

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