Dan Savage: 1,015,872; Rick Frothy Fecal Matter: -34

Shorter Santorum: Waiter, I didn’t order this flabby, pallid … Hey! How’d my ass get on this platter?

Alternate Shorter Santorum: Are we sure those civilization-destroying pervs have 1st Am. rights?

By the way, if anyone knows Dan Savage, tell him it is way past time to fire up the website again. Thx!



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2 responses to “Dan Savage: 1,015,872; Rick Frothy Fecal Matter: -34

  1. B^4

    I make it a point to click on the link once a week, just to kick Rick in the yarbles.

    Frothy mix of poetic justice and hilarity.

    • jscottg

      Hmm. Santorum & Keyes, in a hot tub, with a vat of Astroglide(TM) would make a good story, don’tcha think?

      Hey, where’d everyone go?