That was yesterday, girl

GOProd February 10, 2010:

A new Daily Kos/Research2000 poll shows that former Vice President Dick Cheney is among the frontrunners for the 2012 Republican nomination for President.  “This poll confirms that former Vice President Cheney would be a formidable candidate for President in 2012,” said Christopher Barron, an organizer of Draft Dick Cheney 2012, a 527 organization formed to convince the former Vice President to seek the GOP nomination for President in 2012.

GOProd, February 10, 2011:

It is anyone’s guess who’ll receive the 3rd Annual GOProud Tramp Stamp of Approval on February 10, 2012. However, it is a safe bet he (or she) will be rabidly conservative, loathsome, filthy rich and so full of himself that he’s stacked inside himself like a set of matryoshkas.


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