H8rs’ Recycling Program – African-American Communist Traitors, Oh My!

In a piece on Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Honey lays out a few hard truths The Skreee Factory™ would prefer to ignore [via The News Tribune]:

But history also shows that deadly incidents in our public life do have some correlation to the political climate and discourse. King knew that when politicians and propagandists fan and justify delusions of violence, violence is more likely to happen.

I came across this article while I was researching Billy James Hargis, a father of the modern day TalEvan and one of the originators of the King is a communist traitor slander:

The Christian Crusade led by the Rev. Billy James Hargis helped persuade many whites that the most famous Baptist preacher in the world, after Billy Graham, was a “communist deceiver.”


Picking up on the “King as a communist” theme, crowds of hate-filled young white men carrying Nazi and white power slogans taunted King with death threats and hit him in the head with a rock during open-housing marches in Chicago in 1966.

Of course, the fReichtards scream long and loud when anyone suggests their anti-Obama rhetoric is racist. So here’s my advice to the fragile flowers of the right: If you don’t want us to call you racist, stop deliberately recycling racist garbage. And have a happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

[20:05 – Did a little wordsmithing since it appears I have company.]



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2 responses to “H8rs’ Recycling Program – African-American Communist Traitors, Oh My!

  1. B^4

    They really haven’t changed a damn bit.


    • jscottg

      Didn’t you know? Only communists have original ideas. By recycling the same garbage over and over they prove they’re ReaLAMEricans.