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Fart-in-a-box mailer sought by feds

In case you haven’t heard, some dipshit from my neck of the woods has aroused the ire of the FBI, the DHS, the USPS and assorted other humans with weapons and big serious briefcases because he suffers from Road Sign Rage.

The first “incendiary device” was opened around 12:25 p.m. by a mailroom employee, who singed his fingers, in the Jeffrey Building, just steps from the State House in downtown Annapolis. The small white, book-sized package, which was affixed with five holiday-themed stamps and addressed to [Gov. Martin] O’Malley, ignited in a small puff of smoke and smelled of sulfur.

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I’ll see Your Grandstand and Raise you a Showboat

Cantor’s opening bid is impressive, but 12 gentlemen from Wyoming have raised the stakes.

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