For his next act McPOW will challenge Gates to a potato sack race

Sen. War Hero McCain on the DADT survey, Sept. 28, 2010 [via JMG]:

“I urge you and Admiral Mullen to modify the review and the survey instrument, or to conduct supplemental surveys, aimed at ensuring that the question of whether the DADT policy should be changed is answered.”

To which SoD Robert Gates replied:

Dear Sen. Crash & Burn,
I am not surprised you aren’t aware of how the military works. The only reason you got to ditch jets into the Gulf of Tonkin was because you rode through Annapolis on your daddy and granddaddy’s coat-tails. But since you missed the memo, allow me to remind you: The U.S. military is not a democracy. We do not vote on shit. Now get the hell out of my face, I’ve got a job to do.

Just kidding! Sec. Gates responded:

“I do not believe that military policy decisions — on this or any other subject — should be made through a referendum of Servicemembers.”

Close enough.

I’m sure it is just a coincidence, but a couple of weeks ago Tony Perkins complained that the survey was flawed because it didn’t ask whether DADT should be lifted. Gotta be a coincidence.


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