“…when he does smile, he looks as if he’s just evicted a widow”

Surely an 89-year old widow is safe from the giant foam finger of right wing opprobrium. At least if she is a Republican. A fRiechtard, no matter how dimwitted and churlish, would never screech “NOT ONE OF US!” at the wife of Ronald Reagan. Right Mr. Hewitt?

Mr. Hewitt?

With all due respect to Nancy Reagan,

Uh, Mr. Hewitt, are you sure you want to start with that phrase? Based on past experience “With all due respect,” is short hand for “I’m going to make you want to hunt me down and force me to eat a bag of strychnine powdered dicks but it’s your fault if you get upset because I said the magic words that make it okay for me to be a giant festering asshole.” (See also: “I’m not a bigot,” and “Some of my best friends are [members of minority group]” and “Speaking only for myself.”)

her proposal that the first Republican debate of the 2012 season be held at the Reagan Library in the spring of 2011 is worse than a nonstarter. The country needs to focus on the hugely important congressional debates this spring, not on made-for-MSM, liberal-dominated GOP wrestling matches.

OK. So Mrs. Reagan noticed that you all won’t stop humping the headstone of her husband’s grave even after the grounds keepers wrapped it in barbed wire and placed claymores around the perimeter. She assumed you all would go through two boxes of Kleenex at the idea of an event that strengthens the ties between your party and the only president you’ll acknowledge. You happen to disagree. But you’re not going to go on about it.

(Liberal-dominated GOP wrestling matches?)

What am I saying? You’re just getting started.

The idea is itself an insult to conservative activists and new media.

Jesus Christ, the woman weighs 25 pounds fully clothed and soaking wet. I never liked her as FL, but this Soros-Supported Communard suggests that you to ease off the Waah-Waah pedal, exercise a soupçon of restraint and Back. The. Fuck. Off.

It should surprise exactly no one with minimal brain function that this isn’t about Nancy, or the GOP debates, or anything at all whatsoever except Loogie Spewitt’s chronic case of Tertiary ButtHurt.

I used to receive an occasional invitation to write for Politico or to appear on MSNBC, but as those outlets have gone left — slowly, in the case of Politico, or rapidly and without reservation for NBC and its Olbermann subsidiary — those invites have stopped. That’s fine.

No really! It’s fine! I don’t care! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!!

And then there’s this. I include this for no other reason than it is so typically demented. From an exchange with Chris Cizilla:

HH: OK, objectively, what would get more ratings and be more interesting, a panel of Brian Williams and John Harris and Anderson Cooper asking eight Republicans questions, or a panel of Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Medved — four different radio networks — asking the same people questions? What would be more interesting, Chris?

Hey Chris, what would be better? A nice cup of coffee or this beaker of untreated sewage!? How about a day at the beach or sitting on this nest of fire ants? What do you think Chris? Huh? What do you think?  Objectively of course!

Beltway liberals [Please note, at its current rate of expansion the Beltway will include 2/3rds of the  known universe by March 2011 – ed.] asking MSM questions would indeed be different than opinion journalists [Translation: Loud mouthed lying bigots who are too fugly for TV -ed.] of the center-right [Due to a mishap in the Big Tent, the Center Right is now to the right of the Far Right. Technicians are working to clear things up. -ed.], and I suspect far less intelligent and challenging as the questions posed by my panel, which would probe things like the constitutionality of the individual mandate while avoiding questions from plants in the audience, Santa Claus [What? -ed.], and the endless abortion questions which marked 2008’s “debates” and which the liberal MSM “journalists” manufactures to advance the left’s agenda on a four-year interval.

OK, objectively, this man shouldn’t be allowed to handle anything sharper than toilet paper.

The following link will take you to the original column on the Prostate Self- Washington Examiner’s webpage. The Prostate Self-Washington Examiner wants to be the Washington Times when it grows up. You have been warned: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Just-say-no-to-Nancy-Reagan-1564688-108009569.html

(Liberal-dominated GOP wrestling matches? I really could do without these unwanted displays of the fRighty id.)

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