You know who else doesn’t let people vote until age 21?

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THE REPUBLICANS WON!!! The House of Reps. anyway. The usual rejects – still laboring under the delusion anyone gives a damn what they think – have started to draw up their revenge wish lists. (1. Get rid of these damn Mexicans. 2. Stop all these homosexuals from breathing our air. 3. Send Obama back to Africa. 4. Make it illegal to call people racists or bigots…)

The bargain basement Boadicea of the right believes this is the start of the 40 year war (for serious) and has issued a battle cry/to-do list to her followers. To summarize [via Sadly, No!]:

  • Muslims Out! (Repeat in ear-drum destroying voice until windows shatter.)
  • Big government Out!
  • RINOs Out!

One made me laugh out loud:

  • We will crush them with our logic and reason and concrete facts.

And then there was this:

  • We will raise the voting age to 21. Military excluded. If “children” are still on their parents health-care at 26, maybe 21 is too low.

Naturally, I had to follow up on this.

Naturally, I found more proof Pam Geller was born wearing big clown shoes and those pants with a hoop in the waist that bounce up and down on suspenders. Countries with a voting age of 21 include:

  • Kuwait*
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Oman*
  • Saudi Arabia

*With a military exception – As in, members of the military aren’t allowed to vote.

I say again. You could not make this stuff up, even if you were on twice as much as whatever Geller is on.

As a side note, I didn’t realize (but I’m not surprised) that there’s a growing chorus among fReichtards to raise the voting age to 21 again. At least they’ve grasped the fact that young people tend not to vote for boring, brain-dead, funophobic creeps.


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