Who’s sorry now?

Flame On!

Shorter ABC: You mean the man is a repulsive liar all of the time? Goodness, I thought he just did it to grind the faces of the little people! [via whatshot?]:

“Mr. Breitbart exaggerated the role he would play on his blog,” ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider told The Upshot on Monday. “We immediately made it clear that was never the role he was supposed to play. He had been invited to be part of our digital town hall, and that is still the role.”

Lightfart is of course being his usual self (Lying? Check. Crying? Check.) and standing up for his right to appear on the TeeVee:

[Breitbart] wrote that the network is “not standing up for free speech and the 1st Amendment.”

Yes! In the original U.S. Constitution, the government could force private companies to give True Patriots several hours of air time, but liberals stole that part. Fortunately, Andy has discovered the one true original copy of the Bill of Rights, which he’ll share with us all … once he finishes that course on forging old documents. (It’s a lot harder than splicing tapes.)


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