I’ll take “Things that are pre-snarked” for $500

Note: The AP now refers to Eddie Long as a pastor. I believe it is more respectful to use bishop, since that is his official title.*

Oh look. Another TalEvangical who hates the idea of gay men getting hitched is in the news [via AssPress]:

The [bishop] accused of using a program to groom young men for sexual relationships billed the boys academy as a “rite of passage,” teaching students about interest rates, Social Security and sexual control, even making them carry a card that listed three things they could be doing rather than having sex.

Bashing the Bishop’s was a favorite alternate activity. (*By respectful I mean, allows me to make an infantile joke.)

[Bishop] Eddie Long, an outspoken opponent of gay marriage, is now being sued by two young men who attended the LongFellows Youth Academy

He was originally going to call it LongUncutFellows, but he wanted to be subtle.

“Our methodology here at LongFellows is to invade and bring about a culture with these young men that they start believing in a standard that they have something that they hold to, that they never give up or never give in, do the things that they are ordained to do.”

I’ve never heard it called “invading” before. But I’ve lived a sheltered life.


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