Math for Dummies

Depending how mentally ill the fReichtard you question happens to be (at the moment), this photo shows between 300K to 1 million people. The structure in the foreground is the WWII Memorial. It’s about a half mile from the WWII memorial to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool is about 150 feet across, so someone besides me can figure out the width of the space on the left there.

Now, I just can’t say, even for the purposes of illustration, that you can get a million people in that space. Sorry Rep. Bachman. The only way to get 1 million people in there is if you have a large trash compactor and a complete and disregard for human life.

But lets take 300K. You could get 300,000 people in there if they filled every square inch and all really liked one another enough to stand shoulder to shoulder for hours on end while a podgy guy masturbated in front of them and their kids. These are Republicans, so it could happen. Except for the standing hours on end without complaint. It didn’t happen, as photos such as this show, but it could happen.

Anyway, let’s say there were 300K very friendly TeaBaggers on this 1/2 mile strip.

That means that this picture must show … about 11 bajillion people, wouldn’t you say?  (This is the widest shot I could find. More satellite photo nerd prØn.)


Then shut up.


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