Debate techniques of the damned

Sorry, that should be technique. I believe it’s called minimization and denial.

Exhibit A:

I have read the Court’s decision. Three people are not a “mob.” A mob is defined as a “large crowd.” So there was no “mob action” because there was no mob. Second, the Supreme Court specifically said the Sheriff and his deputy and a local policeman acted “under color of law.” Which means they had legal authority.*

Exhibit B:

Buchenwald, on the other hand, while atrocious beyond normal human understanding, was merely a slave labor camp, and not historically abnormal in a time of war. The people who died there did so under the stress of work and disease, rather than as a deliberate attempt to wipe them off the planet.† Which, of course, says much more about human nature and history than it does about the Nazis.

*Blatantly. Wrong.



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  1. Can’t figure if that loser is as stupid as he makes himself appear, or really thinks he’s clever.