Letter from a Birmingham Tanning Salon

Background: On July 18, 2010, The Teabaggers kicked Mark Williams out of the kool kids klub for being a racist.* Disappointed that they refused to join his crusade against the NAACP, the only racist organization in ReaLAMErica, Williams spent some time in a Birmingham tanning salon.

Here is an excerpt of the letter he penned while waiting for a bed to become available:

My disappointment was a grandstanding statement on national television about expelling an individual (me) and my 34 other staff and performers from a grassroots movement that does nothing more than support the Constitution of theses United States because of the Constitutionally guaranteed exercise of the Creator’s endowed freedom to thought and expression is at least as damaging as the rest of the rhetoric that Morial, Sharpton, Dorelli and Shelton hammered such a delicate end.

I am afraid that David Webb of the National Tea Party Federation not only misunderstands why the Federation was formed in the first place and with a few ill-advised words aimed at the tea party itself has endangered the peace and potential fro progress that we saw unfold on national television last night.

*Gee, I can’t imagine why:

I would suggest to those offended by the term “Colored People” (the phrase that made my article so controversial) please contact the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and join me in calling for an end to their use of the racial slur.

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