They forgot kw33rs and Messicans.

How to prove your opponents’ point; a brief tutorial [via The Montgomery Sentinel]:

A flier claiming “Bagel Brain Jews Want Your Bullets and Your Guns” was mailed to two Chevy Chase neighborhoods and passed out in various public spaces last week.


[Sen. Brian Frosch] and [Del. Samuel] Rosenberg are the Maryland Senate and House sponsors of Bill 645 which would make it illegal for certain criminals and mentally unstable persons to purchase guns, as well as greater penalties for those who do.

The flyer also calls Frosch and Rosenberg racists and invites interested parties to watch the video No Guns for Negroes.

That’s it. WTF else can I add to this?



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2 responses to “They forgot kw33rs and Messicans.

  1. Add a link to “No Guns For Negroes?”

    “Negroes?” Will that be based on the Census?

  2. fred

    Through the magic of Google: