Activist Judges Destroy America! Again!

For the … damn, I’ve lost track.

For about the nine gazillionth time, a terrible America-hating RadioActivist Judge has absolutely ruined America forever and ever. Why are you still upright and breathing? You should be buried beneath a pile of rainbow colored rubble [via the Washington Post]:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. denied a last-minute request Tuesday afternoon to stay the District’s same-sex marriage law, ruling against opponents of the measure who had wanted to bring it before city voters in a referendum.

A group led by Bishop Harry Jackson, pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, [Md. -ed.] has wanted to stop the law from going into effect, but the effort has been stymied by decisions in lower courts.

In certain quarters this will be presented as the most radical court decision ever, including that other court decision that was the most radical thing ever. However, all Roberts’ decision does is say that people should exhaust their options (local courts, ballot initiatives, importing 60,000 Mormons) before they run to the Supreme Court.

Well. America isn’t going to recover from this mind-boggling disaster on her own. I guess we should start rebuilding the place. Has anyone seen my hammer?


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