NCAA – Eleventyhundred, FotF – 0

Dear Fuckups on the Family,

Please, please, oh please ask ReaLAMEricans to choose between your organization and college sports [via Yahoo! Sports]:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association removed a Focus on the Family banner ad from one of its Web sites this week, NCAA spokesman Bob Williams said Wednesday.

The NCAA made the decision after some of its members … expressed concern that the evangelical group’s stance against gay and lesbian relationships conflicted with the NCAA’s policy of inclusion regardless of sexual orientation, Williams said.

1. Booya, mutha fucka.

2. I’m going get radical and say a group that “…works against “special rights” for homosexuals and hate crime legislation, and supports “reparative therapy” for homosexuality…” and places an ad with an organization that is by the group’s own standards all nasty and sinful and junk, is chock full of douchebags, dipshits and dumbasses. So I’m hopeful they’ll try to take on the NCAA*, or even college sports in general.

I mean, you’ve got young people of the same gender running around and sometimes tackling one another and then trooping off to the showers. And hello? Wrestling? Clearly someone needs to make a strong statement.

Why look, here’s just the person to do it for them. Although they might have to fight Maggie Gallagher off with a stick.

But for now they’ve gone to the default response of thwarted fReichtards and TalEvangicals everywhere; they’ve opened a bottle of whine:

[FotF spokesman Gary] Schneeberger said there is nothing political, controversial or hateful about the ad, saying it’s meant to urge people enduring life challenges to check out Focus on the Family as a resource.

This is exactly like … Well, a number of comparisons come to mind. Let’s say it is exactly like a rabid, shit flinging monkey wondering why it has been asked to leave the party well before the festivities end.

Schneeberger said Focus on the Family spends 90 percent of its budget on providing parenting and marriage resources and 10 percent on advocacy on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

And 89% of that 90% goes to telling parents and married couples how to protect themselves from the scourge of teh ghey.

And 90% of their time goes to screeching that expanding and protecting civil rights makes the Baby Jesus cry. The other 10%?

Let’s just say diving gear is involved and leave it at that, shall we?

*Special Bonus: You know at least one fuckhead will hear of this and go on a rant about the NAACP.


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