On second thought, fuck you

So I’ve just read what seems like the 10,000th post bewailing (or calling for) the death of Health Care Reform.

Well. No one could be more surprised than me when I thought about it and came to the following conclusion:

Fuck You. Really.

Yesterday (for those of you who missed it) another Teabagger rally took place in D.C.

I’ve lost track of how many times these dumb fucks have answered the call of “people” like Rick Fucking Scott and shambled into the city to scream about soshulist death panels. And you know what? Today I realized it’s irrelevant. Because what I haven’t seen is hordes of people who do want health care reform holding protests.

Nope, despite the fact that millions of people don’t have health insurance and need health insurance, they’re just not that into actually asking for it in a way that lets the people who are drafting the damn bill know what they want. Excuse me for thinking you gave a fuck.

So fuck you. I’ve got insurance, it covers the S.O. I’m good. To those of you who are not so good: If you sat on your ass complaining that you wanted insurance and you don’t get insurance because you couldn’t be bothered to drag your ass out of the house to ask for insurance … kindly go fuck yourself dig a hole and then die. Fuck you. You’re useless. You got punked by a bunch of dipshits who think the Earth is 6,000 years old. You got rolled by a horde of twats who think teh ghey are going to bust down the door and break up their marriage. You got p-w-n-e-d by a gaggle of the dumbest, meanest, fugliest people in the country and it is, at the end of the day, all your fault.

Fuck you.

I mean, look at you. You let Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin and the numbnuts who think they represent leadership take the best chance you  had to get health insurance for the next few decades.

I laugh at the ginormous health bills you may rack up in the future. Fuck you.

Really, I’m done with this shit. Shut the fuck up and fuck you.


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One response to “On second thought, fuck you

  1. Zack!

    Okay! Several important things stand out, not the least of which is your connection b/w the “tea-baggers” and the, erm, well, not those guys. And you’re right–whatever we get in HCR will be mainly the result of the apathy of those who are most pissed off about it.

    But seriously, dude–my kid reads this blog. How about a few less f-bombs?