Suffer the little children

Think of the children! The neo-cons say;

Of women’s rights and folks who are gay.

Think of the children! The fRighties will wail;

While kids die in wars that are doomed to fail.

It’s bad enough that they have to dodge priests;

But now kids are threatened by a new beast.

It’s called The DeBrecht, and it’s worse than it sounds;

Its mean nasty cruelty, why it knows no bounds!

While other beasts chase us with big jaws and claws,

The DeBrecht drools out books that are laden with flaws.

They’re dull and they’re flat and the pictures are crummy.

Ooo, this one gives me a pain in my tummy!

Said DeBrecht: Kids like fun stories, not me!

I’ll write ones that all kids want to flee!

So I’m warning all you moms and you dads;

Grandmas and grandpas, dear aunts and uncles:

Shun the DeBrecht. It’ll give kids carbuncles!

[h/t – the farmer]

[xp Rumproast]


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