They shoot horses you know

This week’s nominee for things that are gettin’ o-l-d [via AssPress]:

“I’m 39 with a lot of sacks to my name.”

Yup. Serial Retiree Brett Favre is unretired once again. I sure didn’t see that coming.

On the one hand, the dude is a year younger than me so I can see why he’s not ready to quit. On the other hand, my job doesn’t involve being repeatedly pounded by unusually large, fast and fit men. Alas…

Ahem! Anyway, it isn’t the not retiring, per se. It’s the retiring and un-retiring and re-retiring again that pisses me off. There’s something prima donna-esque about his antics that kind of sucks the fun out of watching him play.

If I seem a tad to cranky about this, keep in mind that I watched what happened when Jordan tried to coach and then decided to start playing again. For the Washington “Sucktacathon” Wizards no less. It was painful and I think Favre is headed that way.


“It’s going to be good for the team. It’s going to be good for the state. It’s going to be exciting,” a giddy Gov. Tim Pawlenty said after a speech.

Dear God, I hope they don’t let Bachmann near the poor man. He needs to save his stregth!

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