A Declaration Returner Leprosy

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Queen of  Fetus Fetishistan does intend to challenge the pretenders to her throne!  (via the Washington Post*):

Randall Terry has a thing for fake blood.

Yes, Randall Terry of Operation Rescue, the zygote lovin’ lunatic who was too loony for his fellow loons wants to make a come back.

Pinch me!

We all know that the best way to defeat the fReichtards is to put them in front of a microphone and a camera and then stand back so we aren’t splattered by their spittle. Think of how much the guy who said this (via the Washington Post):

… George R. Tiller “was a mass murderer and, horrifically, he reaped what he sowed.”

could do for women’s reproductive rights. After a few minutes’ viewing of this insane clown’s antics people will run, not walk, to defend the nearest family planning clinic. And I’m sure Attention Junkie Terry will treat us to his warped opinion on a number of topics that will help his listeners decide that he and anyone like him and anyone standing next to him is dead wrong about everything. At the risk of sounding greedy, I hope he teams up with Professional Dropout Palin and Wingnut Keyes to form the SuperDuper fReichtard Friends. This year, anything seems possible. Also.

Best of all, some of the not so loony members of the Blostomere Preservation League are whining “Do not want!” at the thought of the return of their former fearless drama queen leader:

Leaders of the antiabortion movement are cringing at Terry’s sudden return. They say his incendiary rhetoric and showy tactics turn off ordinary Americans and reflect Terry’s struggle to regain his glory years.

Awww, didums get sum nasty wasty fleas? Suck it.

Now will someone pull Phyllis Schlafly out of the mothballs and give Rev. Phred Felch a bigger megaphone?

*motto: “Reporters available by the week, day or hour!”


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