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Not at all a well party

I don’t know why I keep looking for signs that the GOP has passed over the event horizon of idiocy. Just when you think they’ve reached the heart of the blackhole of stupid they find a worm hole into another dimension of dumb where there’s an even bigger blackhole of idiocy. The GOP in my home state provides Exhibit Eleventy Million (via the Washington Post):

The Maryland Republican Party has climbed aboard an effort to petition to referendum the state’s recently passed speed camera legislation.

Um … I thought you were the party of law and order. Or at least, law and order for thee, but not for me, even if I’ve been getting a little too friendly in a lavatory. Of course, I suppose this could this be some sudden concern for the Constitutionally protected rights of Crab State citizens. Bwahahaha! I’m just messing with you.

“This is another tax being placed on the citizens of Maryland,” said party Chairman Jim Pelura.

OK. Say what you like about speed cameras, or any other form of law enforcement that usually results in a fine (rather than jail time). It is not a tax, no matter how much you scream. No. Really. Shut up and take your meds.


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