Americans Serving the Sanctity of Marriage Against Satanic Terrible Evil Rouges

So in case you haven’t figured it out, here’s how the Homosexual Agenda works:

1. Gays and lesbians go about their business.

2. fReichtards lose their fucking minds.

3. Everyone laughs at the fReichtards.

Well, the HA struck in Iowa, Vermont and Washington, D.C. last week and I’m not sure the fReichtards are going to survive this one without a stay at St. Ungulant’s Home for the Bewildered. The group called NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has announced their latest initiative to counter the dread forces of marriage: 2M4M.

It stands for … will you stop laughing? It stands for … come on now, cut it out. It … Fine. It sounds like a personal ad looking to set up a threesome but it stands for 2 Million for Marriage.

But the fRighty inability to stop sending hints that they want to be mounted and shagged into next year* isn’t the funniest part. This is the funniest part (via Wonkette):

I should point out that the brilliant folk over at NOM failed to register, the obvious domain for their campaign (and where people who hear about it naturally go).

They don’t own it.

I do.

So I’ve recruited some friends and we’re putting up our own site there.

I just know this will be even better than my wildest dreams.

*For the last time, no.


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One response to “Americans Serving the Sanctity of Marriage Against Satanic Terrible Evil Rouges

  1. I’m “friends” with a guy who was an intern for me and I thought was cool (he was Black, political, smart AND out) in DC.

    Turns out he was log cabin, and I was all FUCK! and now I want to unfriend his stupid Fox-news-linking-ass on my facebook.