Situation Norman, All Fucked Up – Updated

Dear Not-Senator Coleman,

Fund raising via the internons – Ur doin’ it rong (via CQPols):

The Coleman campaign acknowledged Wednesday that their donor information had been compromised after a Web site called posted links Tuesday to databases of what it claims are more than 50,000 Coleman Web site users and supporters and nearly 5,000 donors. The Web site also contacted Coleman donors to alert them that their information was not secure.

The GOP, having difficulty with technology more complicated than a hammer? Shocking.

Naturally, Fritz “The” Knaak, Abby Norman’s lawyer made a clever, insightful comment in response to the breach:

“This information has been stolen. And stealing private, confidential information is illegal.”

In other news: Water wet, fire hot. Seriously, WTF? It sounds like he’s making a distinction between stealing private, confidential information (bad) and tangible objects (good).  Not that I would for a moment suggest Republicans approve of stealing.

The Coleman campaign said it had contacted donors and told them to cancel their credit cards, and was working with federal law enforcement authorities to investigate.

I’m sure that contact got straight to the point. I’m certain it did not contain a lot of whining about dirty nasty liberuls being mean and …

He reiterated the campaign’s belief that the breach was politically motivated. “It appears to us pretty obvious that that would be a primary motivation,” Knaak said, though he said the campaign did not have any hard evidence to present at the moment.

Then again, maybe it did.


I should have known someone who knows more about the internons than me would cover this and the results would be hilarious (via InfoWorld):

News of the wide-open database first hit the Net on Jan. 28, thanks to a Minneapolis-based consultant named Adria Richards, who posted a screen shot of the open directory on Flickr. She details the process of how she found the open database (in less than two minutes) on her But You’re a Girl blog. (She says, however, that she did not download it.)

On that same day, the Coleman campaign claimed its Web site had been overwhelmed by traffic and taken offline. Coleman campaign manager Cullen Sheehan implied the crash was related to “the Franken campaign’s ongoing effort to quash votes.”

Gosh, I had no idea you could vote online now. Wait, I had no idea there was any voting involved since the election was several months ago and Coleman lost. Anyhoo:

Their official response also included this gem: “We take the privacy and confidentiality of our donors and supporters extremely seriously.”

But not quite seriously enough to a) keep their unprotected confidential data off the Net, or 2) tell anyone after they knew the data was exposed.

It goes on and if you’re at all interested in data security or laughing at Republicans, it’s really worth checking out.

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