The hell you say

You’re probably familiar with POM, the pomegranate juice in the striking  bottle that will supposedly keep you alive and healthy for 50,000 years, increase your dick or breast size by 10%, make you impervious to a direct hit by an ICBM, and allow you to make $$ in your spare time, all while having a name that is Australian slang for a citizen of the U.K.

I’ve had it once and … I’ll stick to nibbling on pomegranate arils when the fruit is in season.  It’s fucking bitter (more seed that aril) and way too expensive. I know pomegranates ain’t cheap but I suspect POM spends a lot of money producing those bottles.

Those bottles which will now give me some heinous nightmares.

I didn’t have my camera on me when I saw this ad. Fortunately [?] someone else did.

I assume a woman designed this ad. I assume she’s still laughing about it.


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