Fingers crossed …

I could go into great detail about why I’ve been without an Inet connection at home for nearly two weeks, but that would exceed even my swearword output capacity. Suffice it to say Verizon eagerly sucks moldy maggoty dead skunk balls while dry humping the corpses of nuns.

And frankly, someone who is very near and dear to my heart still doesn’t understand that customer service reps at huge corporations generally don’t give a fuck. Small town boy, what can I say? You won’t read any blond jokes here, that’s for certain. Sheesh.

But it doesn’t matter now because yesterday we got a new hook up that’s costing us zero dollars. You hear that Verizon? NO MONEY.

At least I think it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been afraid to see how Pandora runs on our new service. If it doesn’t work … If it doesn’t work … Well, you’ll know it doesn’t work because CNN will run a story about the manhunt for the mysterious Verizon service truck torcher.

Update Part I: It may be my imagination but Pandora sounds better. You were lucky this time Verizon!

Update Part II: Everything must go! Heh.


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