I’ve been trying to find the words

I wanted to write a really evocative piece about what it feels like in D.C. right now. The mood of the people (not the nut-shriveling cold), the anticipation in the air, the fact that people really are striding around with a cheery little gleam in their eye like they know a secret and they know you know the secret too and isn’t it wonderful? And then there’s this … uh … this …

Words fail me.

I mean, I could tell you about arriving at the other end of my commute this morning and seeing that even the train station at the ass end of nowhere has a full compliment of porta-johns, but I’d have to tell you why that made an impression on me and you’d probably wind up reaching for a great big net.

As I said, I can’t find the words. So you’ll have to listen to this:

Wait. You don’t get chills?

What’s a Republican doing in my blog?

Ed: I have no idea why the embed crapped out.

But you’re still a Republican if you don’t get chills.


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  1. show-watchr

    “Embedding disabled by Request”. ?