Will Work IV Food, Part IV

With all the other assholes currently shitting up Washington, DC, it should come as no surprise that Secretary of Health & Human Services Mike Leavitt hasn’t received a well-deserved kick in the nads. Or two.

Soon technology will enlarge women's wombs to three times their capacity!

Better get our licks in quick then, hadn’t we?

A brief review: The former governor of Utah, former head of the EPA, soon-to-be former head of HHS finished off four years of pushing abstinence only education and private fee-for-service Medicare (a cruel joke Dubya played on the elderly) by sneaking into the office late one night and releasing a rule that allows doctors to refuse to provide medical care if they feel it goes against their religion.

What’s that you say? We already have rules like that? Well Mike decided we needed another one … just because.

Note: I’ve yet to find a medical society that hasn’t called bullshit on this thing so if anyone tells you doctors wanted it, poke him in the eye.

But now Mike’s about to get the fuck out of dodge and since we won’t be paying for him to sit around making shit up, he’ll need something to do and I suggest he become a medical test subject. Not that I want him to be injected with various substances until he bursts, dear me no. I want to send him around to various hospitals where various doctors will refuse to treat him because they believe it would violate the tenets of their religion.

And I want him to do it without insurance coverage.

Just kidding. I just want him to get the fuck out of here.

A final note from his HHS bio:

Mr. Leavitt has described the avian influenza virus as the most serious threat to American security.


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