That joke isn’t funny any more

I admit, I’ve been slacking of late. Perhaps it’s the weather (colder than any part of a brass monkey’s anatomy you care to name). Perhaps it’s work (the floggings will continue until morale improves). Yesterday they let an entire department go and let me tell you, there’s no greater incentive to opening a vein than sitting there listening to about 30 women cry their eyes out and being unable to do anything about it.

And you know why they got laid off? Because a bunch of dumb, greedy, reckless motherfuckers gang banged this country’s economy, left it bleeding in the ditch and when people said “Dude, what the fuck?” they smirked and said just give us and our pals more money or we’ll stick the body in a wood chipper.

It isn’t fucking funny any more. I fucking hate addicts and that’s what’s in charge of this country. That’s what got us where we are today. That’s what laid those women off and if I saw any of those bastards being mauled by wild dogs I’d run off and buy some popcorn and a hot dog so I could fully enjoy the goddamned show.

Right now I don’t want to make fun of them, I just want them to fuck off and die. Preferably due to a miscalculation that involves a Clydesdale, two wetsuits and farm equipment.



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2 responses to “That joke isn’t funny any more

  1. I’ll build the bleachers for free…
    Naturally the right’s mantra is that it’s the fault of a handful of poor people going bust at Fanny and Freddie and the UAW. The fuckers they cover for wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire.

  2. right the fuck on!
    The company I work for is in the midst of it’s 500th round of lay-offs — I think I’m safe but who can know.