Checklist (Updated)

Voter notification card? Check.

Book to read while waiting in line? Check.

Rain jacket? Check.

Gloves, hat? Check.

iPod? Check.

Second book (just in case)? Sure, why not.

Camera? Check.

Clif bar? Check.

Water? Check.

Overwhelming sense of dread?

Nah, I’ll just leave that here.

Photos later.

Update.  From getting in line to getting out of there: Less than an hour.

I got there about 15 minutes after the polls were scheduled to open. They had some trouble with the machines so voting didn’t begin until half-past. Once the line (not that long to begin with) started moving it went really quickly. Forgot the hat and gloves but it wasn’t that cool. Forgot the Clif bar but a lady was handing out doughnuts.

Why are you reading this instead of voting?

Pictures later (even of Our Lady of the Tasty Pastry). Gotta get to work where I can be amongst my fellow obsessive DFHs.

OK. Here’s a picture.


And another. The line outside the door was about 30 people long at the time and I’m willing to bet that’s as long as it got. When I left there were five people outside of the doors.

Mmmm! Democracy!

Mmmm! Democracy!


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