Check the under optimistic rug

Remember when we invaded Afghanistan? Remember why we went into Afghanistan? Remember how President FuckNut got distracted from our goals in Afghanistan (stomp the Taliban and catch Osama still Hidin’)? Remember what happened next?

Well, guess what buttercup, that lie about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction continues to bite our military in the ass (via The Washington Post):

U.S. commanders in Afghanistan now believe they need about 20,000 additional troops to battle a growing Taliban insurgency, as demands mount for support forces such as helicopter units, intelligence teams and engineers that are critical to operating in the country’s harsh terrain.

Remember when Bush joked about not finding WMD with his oh-so-clever looking under the furniture pantomime? That sure was funny wasn’t it? Maybe he’ll do it again when someone asks where the Hell we’re supposed to get 20,000 soldiers who aren’t fucking exhausted and ready to scamper up and down mountains. That sure would be hyuck-hyuck oh stop I can’t breathe funny. Almost as funny as the fact that Osama bin Laden is still at large and the fascist bastards of the Taliban are regrouping. Maybe he’ll suggest posting a want ad in the papers. That would be a real fucking knee slapper.

“There is no question” that insurgents have used sanctuaries in Pakistan to grow more skilled in infantry tactics such as raids, ambushes, small-arms gunfights, and the use of mortars and rockets, as well as suicide bombings, [ Brig. Gen. Mark A. Milley, deputy commander of U.S. troops in eastern Afghanistan] said in an interview.

Dude, they cut their teeth on the Russians. They aren’t getting more skilled, they’re taking refresher courses.

Meanwhile, the shortage of military resources is constraining the frequency and scope of U.S. offensive operations against insurgents. “You have to build a strategy that keeps you within the realm of your capabilities,” [Brig. Gen. Michael S. Tucker, the top commander for day-to-day military operations in Afghanistan] said in an interview. Of the requested troop increase, Tucker said, “I’d like to get it tomorrow.”

Clearly he didn’t get the memo: If you base your strategy on reality, the terrorists will win.


Five seconds of serious:

To all of the people trying to hold it together out there: This latte sipping Islahomo wishes you luck. Come home safe.

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