Because they can’t get enough of The War Against Terror

Yeehaw! Bring it on! Operation Infinite Madness 4 Evar (via the AssPress):

U.S. military helicopters attacked territory inside Syria close to its border with Iraq Sunday, killing eight people in a strike the Syrian government condemned as “serious aggression.”

A U.S. military official said the raid by special forces targeted the foreign fighter network that travels through Syria into Iraq in an area where the Americans have been unable to shut it down because it was out of the military’s reach.

‘Scuse me. Islahomo dirtbag civilian here. I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout launchin’ no invasions, but couldn’t you just wait until they crossed into the bit where you already are and nab them? You know: “Welcome to Iraq, into the truck!” that would be funny, wouldn’t piss people off and wouldn’t lead to a great big smoking hole in the ground.

“We are taking matters into our own hands,” the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the political sensitivity of cross-border raids.

Yeah, great. All right. Makes perfect sense. Say, I don’t suppose you confirmed the eight people you took into your own hands were actually bad guys.



A Syrian government statement carried by the official Syrian Arab News Agency said the helicopters attacked the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal, five miles inside the Syrian border. Four helicopters attacked a civilian building under construction shortly before sundown and fired on workers inside, the statement said.

Wait, wait. I know how this goes: “Those who go to work where potential terrorists might potentially wander past pondering potential attacks in Iraq should be aware they risk being blown to kingdom come.”


Check the upper-right corner for your RDA of unintentional truthiness.


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