“Establishment gonna fall down and go boom.”

Man am I lazy. Okay, I’ve also been watching the McPOW campaign and wondering if the like shooting themselves in the feet. Anyway, what with the economy still in a slow burn, I bet you’ll be glad to hear that at least you don’t have to worry some lunatic will break into a BSL-4 lab and track killer cooties all over the place.

Weeel … sorta (via the GAO):

BSL-4 labs handle the world’s most dangerous agents and diseases. In fact, of the four BSL designations, only BSL-4 labs can work with agents for which no cure or treatment exists. GAO was asked to perform a systematic security assessment of key perimeter security controls at the nation’s five operational BSL-4 labs.

And every single one was locked up tighter than a cat’s ass, right?

While three labs had all or nearly all of the key security controls GAO assessed-features such as perimeter barriers, roving armed guard patrols, and magnetometers in use at lab entrances-two labs demonstrated a significant lack of these controls.

For example, the two labs with fewer security controls lacked both visible deterrents and a means to respond to intrusion. One lab even had a window that looked directly into the room where BSL-4 agents were handled. In addition to creating the perception of vulnerability, the lack of key security controls at these labs means that security officials have fewer opportunities to stop an intruder or attacker.

So, 67% of the BSL-4 labs in this country are experiencing major fail when it comes to keeping the killer cooties locked up tight. And thanks to bAdmin. there’s a good chance some dipshit from Regent’s University is working in one of those labs…

Uggh. I don’t feel too good.


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