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LegacyQuest. Now with extra Fail!

The fail has been falling fast and furious right when I’m busiest at work.

When Tony Fratto opened his pie hole to defend Paulson’s three page ransom note by saying bAdmin. did too have a good plan, and they’d had one for MONTHS and they just sort of forgot to tell Congress (so there!); someone got to it before I could. (Check Balloon Juice. Or maybe Lawyers, Guns & Money.)

The same happened when Yank Paulson rejected cuts to CEO’s salaries because they wouldn’t want to participate in the only thing that could save them (and us) FROM ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

Ditto, his refusal to answer when Chuck Schumer asked why they needed all of the money up-front.

OK. I should also admit that watching these clowns as they make “Whoop! Whoop!” noises and try to stamp out the flames on the ends of each others’ dicks has been making me laugh way too hard to want to sit down and think up a coherent post.

However, this evening, about an hour and a half ago, the Chief Executive Officer-in-Chief put on his squinty concerned face and … Basically told the nation that it had to fork over $700 billion dollars or Lady Liberty gets it.

No surprises there. All of the FoCs are threatening to stick his head in a toilet on 22 January, 2009, if he doesn’t deliver the goods and The Chimperror is learning what many little rich kids have learned before: His friends only like him for his money. I did not watch because a) The man pisses me off no end. b) If I want to hear a pack of lies I’ll go to a used car lot. Or church. c) The S.O. would have put all of the living room furniture through the TV.

Instead I waited until a reporter who had suffered through the farce posted her story* (via the AssPress):

But while generally acknowledging risky and poorly thought-out financial decisions at many levels of society, Bush never assigned blame to any specific entity, such as his administration, the quasi-indepedent mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or the Wall Street firms that built rising profits on increasingly speculative mortgage-backed securities. Instead, he spoke in terms of investment banks that “found themselves saddled with” toxic assets and banks that “found themselves” with questionable balance sheets.

Damn it! Those Underpants Gnomes struck again.

Seriously, if I were King of the Universe, people who repeatedly used the passive voice would get a one way trip to the scorpion pit because I’d know they were guilty of something. Still, it’s always nice when someone who is paid to write notices that sort of thing.

But that has not closed the deal, which for many recalls previous warnings of grave threats from Bush — such as before the Iraq war — that did not materialize.

… Is the AP being … Snide?

The economic crisis also is almost certain to overshadow the rest of Bush’s four months left in office and could hugely impact his legacy. It has been assumed that the long-term view of Bush’s presidency was to be shaped largely by Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Now, the dire economic problems and the aftermath of the government’s attempted solution will certainly be added to that list.


*I want to be a CEO when I grow up. To practice, I’m letting people do all the shit work while I reap the profits. Or at least a blog post.


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