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Generals on the ground…

get trampled underfoot (via The Washington Post):

This is the untold history of how the Bush administration wrestled with that question. Compiled from classified documents and interviews with more than 150 participants, it reveals that the administration’s efforts to develop a new Iraq strategy were crippled by dissension among the president’s advisers, delayed by political calculations and undermined by a widening and sometimes bitter rift in civilian-military relations.

No administration willingly puts its disagreements on display, but what happened in Washington during 2006 went beyond the usual give-and-take of government. The level of distrust became so severe that Bush eventually activated a back channel to [General George W. Casey Jr’s] replacement in Iraq, Gen. David H. Petraeus, circumventing the established chain of command. While the violence in Iraq skyrocketed to unnerving levels, a second front in the war raged at home, fought at the highest levels of the White House, the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the State Department.

Except in this war, people weren’t maimed and killed.

Stupid fuckers.

Part Two is up today and watching Bob Woodward show he’s still got his chops is a teeny glimmer of delight in all this shit.


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