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A free-form ode to GOPCON 08



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How are we defining “support”?

bAdmin is going for another record (via the AssPress):

Soldier suicides this year could surpass the record rate of last year, Army officials said Thursday, urging military leaders at all levels to redouble prevention efforts for a force strained by two wars.

As of the end of August, there were 62 confirmed suicides among active duty soldiers and Guard and Reserve troops called to active duty, officials said. Another 31 deaths appear to be suicides but are still being investigated.

“Army leaders are fully aware that repeated deployments have led to increased distress and anxiety for both soldiers and their families,” Army Secretary Pete Geren said.

Right now the GOP is stomping and snorting for more of this. More war, more time away from home, more stress. Family values my right nut. What about the families torn apart by this shit? Oops, too bad. Someone in your family volunteered so we get to do whatever the fuck we want with them! Support the Troops, wheeee!

And guess which Presidential candidate thinks VA care should be rationed out among vets who have combat injuries?

These filthy pain suckers are making me wish there’s a Hell.

137 more days. Unless the majority of voters in this country Support the Troops, GOP style.

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