Return of the Attack of the 50′ Activist Judge

Plan Q: Ask their moms to send notes excusing them from Congressional hearings (via Roto-Reuters):

A U.S. judge ruled against the Bush administration in its fight with Congress over a probe into the firings of U.S. attorneys by refusing on Tuesday to delay an order that current and former White House aides comply with congressional subpoenas.

Federal judge John Bates [Appointed by you-know-who! – ed.] ruled that he would not put off his July order that former White House counsel Harriet Miers [Whom I hope you remember from this exhibition of idiocy -ed.] testify to Congress, and that Chief of Staff Josh Bolten surrender documents related to the 2006 firings.

Plan R: Fake massive head trauma.

Actually, that wouldn’t require much fakery at all.


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