I’m still (really) not covering the McPOW campaign

But even if I were, I’d give up after reading Chuck Butcher’s take down. A sample:

You spend POW like it was water, you got elected on it, you’ve covered your butt with it. Chuck Keating should have sunk you, philandering on your wife in the Republican Party should have sunk you – values you know – but POW saved you. Every stupid remark or policy statement that you make you retreat to POW. It will wear out, McMaverick, it’ll become a latenight TV punch line and that’ll be it. The Obama campaign must pussyfoot around your qualifications, because you’ll POW them. “How dare you question my leadership and judgement, I know how to get captured.” You’re an ill tempered old man with poor judgement and a worse sense of civility and a bare grasp of current events and geography, but…POW.

How the hell could I follow something like that?


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  1. why, thanks veddy mush. I’m sure you can think of something to smack him with.