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SoundExchange puts the knife to its throat …

If anything less important were at stake I’d enjoy watching the bastards bleed (via The Washington Post):

SoundExchange, the organization that represents performers and record companies, said it supports the higher royalties for Internet radio because musicians deserve a bigger cut of Internet radio profits.

“Our artists and copyright owners deserve to be fairly compensated for the blood and sweat that forms the core product of these businesses,” said Mike Huppe, general counsel for SoundExchange.

The Copyright Royalty Board last year decided that the fee to play a music recording on Web radio should step up from 8/100 of a cent per song per listener in 2006 to 19/100 of a cent per song per listener in 2010.

Uh huh. And when your artists aren’t getting anything because your pals in broadcast radio have made their product unpalatable? Oopsies, I guess you’ll just have to gin up a reason to hit them up for a bigger percentage of their blood and sweat. And a reason why no one should be allowed to release and distribute their own “core product” via the internons. You might want to talk to your fellow blood suckers who made it big in the housing market.  Nope, never mind. Just sharpen the knife a few more times. You won’t feel a thing. 

I’m too pissed off to snark. Call your CongressCritter and bitch bitterly.


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