Bush tells Rice to tell Putin he is totally NOT speaking to him

That’s all he gots (via the AssPress):

Beyond pushing Russia to get its troops out of Georgia, President Bush and his national security advisers are contemplating how best to take Moscow to task for invading its neighbor — an act the president calls “completely unacceptable to the free nations of the world.”

Plus, he’s already torn up all the pictures of them together. Take that, Putin! And don’t you dare say anything when I try to put a few nukes on your doorstep! They’re for Iran, OK?

Moscow feels it is aimed at Russia’s missile force. Undeterred in its opposition, Russian Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn was quoted by Interfax News Agency on Friday as saying that by accepting a U.S. missile defense battery Poland was “exposing itself to a strike.” The missile deal, struck Thursday after more than 18 months of talks, must still be approved by Poland’s parliament and signed by Rice during a future visit to Warsaw, possibly next week.

So. Wow. Poland gets to weigh the support of the US v. the good will of Russia the week after it saw what happened to the last guy who relied on US support.

That’s going to be a tough call.

So far, the White House has hedged on saying what consequences Russia might face.


“A lot of this depends on Russia and what Russia’s actions are in the near future,” [For example, if they tell Bush to shut the fuck up, he might take a breath like he’s going to say something anyway and then … not say anything. Just to make them mad. -ed] Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said Friday. “Right now, their actions have been inconsistent with the premise that we and those in Europe and around the world have — [Oops, don’t talk about peace around the world! -ed] inconsistent with the fundamental principles of a Europe [Whew! Someone might have called you a towering hypocrite! -ed] whole, free, and at peace. So cooperation on a wide range of issues going forward depends on the actions that Russia takes.”

Like if Russia needs to borrow a cup of sugar, when they come to the door, we’ll have to hide behind the sofa and pretend we’re not at home until they go away.

One day someone will write a book about US/Russian relations during the year reign of The Chimperor.

I suggest it be titled Putin’s Bitch.

Jesus Christ on balance beam, no wonder no one takes us seriously.

Prior to his service at the State Department, he was Press Secretary to the First Lady.

Yes, because it is just a short step from press secretary for the first lady to spokesman for … Ow … national security … Damn! Sorry, my gaydar … ringing … shrieking … ugg~*


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  1. I suppose George II could stamp his feet and throw himself on the floor. Or something…