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Damn it

I’ve got the flu. At least I hope it’s the flu. If it’s anthrax the FBI will shoot me for ruining the narrative (via The Washington Post):

In 1982, after Ivins took a job at Fort Detrick in Maryland and Haigwood coincidentally had moved to Gaithersburg, Haigwood walked out of her apartment one morning and discovered that someone had spray-painted “KKG” in red letters on her boyfriend’s car and on a fence behind their house. Haigwood reported the incident to the police and told them she suspected Ivins. “It was very upsetting,” she said, but when she confronted Ivins, he denied that he did it.

THAT PROVES IT! ยง911.911(t) of the bAdmin. Penal Code clearly states that if a person is asked whether he committed a crime, denial by the suspect shall constitute undeniable proof of guilt.

Hey. Wait a minute!

More than 200 mourners filled a small chapel not far from the lab Ivins used for nearly three decades. The tone of the service was one of unmitigated support and loyalty for the researcher, and there was no mention of the accusations against him or the darkness that enveloped the final months of his life before he died on July 29. Many in the chapel wept as a singer stood at a piano next to the altar and sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

You cut that out! The man was a lone, murderous, booga booga sicko! (Who somehow managed to maintain his security clearance.) Why, he sought psychiatric counseling and had a family member with mental health issues and you know what that means!

I guess we’ll have to wait until the trial – oh that’s right he’s dead and the Feeb is free to release whatever it wants about the man.

Maybe I’m just having an allergic reaction to dumbshit and pooch screwing. If so, it’s going to be a long 165 days.


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